Choosing the right place for physical therapy can change your life. We believe every individual is unique and requires a plan of care just as unique. We develop specific, individualized care plan for each and everyone. After coming to our clinic, you will experience a huge difference in your recovery. We are committed to help you restore full function of movement and return to a high quality of life. We are confident that we can help you to get there.

We are committed to:

  • changing the physical therapy world, one patient at a time
  • providing the best care for every patient
  • help you explore your boundaries, physical and mental
  • help you to return to your pro physical condition
  • help you to live a pain free life
  • help you step forward into growth
  • contribute to you, to our team, to our community and perhaps to the world

                                      Individualized One-On-One Care

We only provide what is medically necessary for your care. Our patients who had been exposed to physical therapy at different clinics tell us how differently we treat them. We are proud that we can treat you with one-on-one care for your best outcomes. You are here because you need help to get rid of pain or any limiting factors of your body.

                                                 Mechanical Approach

Our procedures for treating patients are mainly the McKenzie method and manual therapy. Manual Therapy includes joint mobilization which allows the affected joint to be in the right place with active movement. Often patients complain of increased pain after therapy if they only perform strengthening exercises for their conditions. It has to be indicated in terms of successful outcome for each patient, and we are confident that we are able to help our patients by reducing the pain and restoring function. Also, the McKenzie method is very helpful because it helps to identify the spine and/or joints, and allows the joints to be in place. Also, patients will get extensive education for their own condition including a proper posture and a simple home exercise program. Our staff can help each patient achieve their goals and get back to a better quality of life. Our staff will provide the best care for every patient. Many patients will benefit from physical therapy at Apex, especially the patients that might have failed in previous treatments such as chiropractic, medications, and other pain management procedures. Our staff will only provide treatments that are evidence based and  proven effective treatments. Our staff has even been able  to help patients prevent surgical interventions

Here is an example of a treatment that we offer to our patents.  For example if one of your fingers is bent backward, your body will initially tell you through pain that there is something wrong. Medications and injections might take the edge off the pain; however, you will still have pain in your finger unless you can correct the bent finger. That is what we specialize in doing here at Apex Physical Therapy, LLC. Conventional physical therapy will focus on exercise to strengthen the fingers. These exercises might make you feel better temporarily, but the pain will return again. We will help you move the finger back to its correct position and you will not experience as much pain. Based on our patient’s feedback, we can confidently say it definitely works for most patients. Most of all, many patients can naturally change the problems without surgical interventions.

                                                    Long lasting results

Most people experience feeling better for only a short period of time while they are getting treatments. Not only pain returns so quickly but also long term effects are lacking with many different types of treatments in general. Unfortunately, there are many patients who have experienced that the pain relief period is very limited with acute or chronic conditions whether they take medications, get injections, physical therapy or chiropractic care.

If the patient’s condition is identified, our therapist will develop a specific exercise program for the individual.  Many patients will experience long lasting results and be able to manage their symptoms with such a simple exercise. Some of the research showed that one of the main reasons patients failed to comply with the home exercise program is that they get too many exercises to do at home. We are different! Each patient will get a specific exercise program which may only require 1-2 minutes to perform each time at home. It is so simple and easy but very effective. This will help patients adhere to their program for quick and meaningful outcomes. Most patients have experienced that once the problem is resolved, the pain may never return again. If it does, there might be a very simple way to correct it.

As a new addition to our community, not many people know about us yet. But, we are certain that our community will hear about us soon. Our patients and their success is a testament to who we are as a clinic. We strive to be the best physical therapy clinic in our community and we push ourselves to the limit in terms of getting more knowledge by continuing our study of physical therapy and new techniques. We want to change  the physical therapy world for the benefit of our patients and our community.


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We are committed to helping you recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact one of our physical therapy clinic near you.


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