Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises have been vastly used in rehabilitation and physical therapy to restore function of patients based on plenty of medical research. It is predominantly used in many different rehabilitation settings including outpatient physical therapy setting. The benefit of therapeutic exercise has not only showed superb outcomes in physical therapy but has also shown that it delayed the onset of 40 chronic conditions and diseases (Ruegsegger & Booth, 2018).

More studies found out that regular exercise helps improve physical and mental health. Overwhelmingly, there are many researches that have proved clinical importance and the benefits of strengthening exercise, endurance exercise, cardiorespiratory exercise, etc. 

In physical therapy setting, patients are evaluated by their therapists in the first visit. Then, the therapists prescribe and establish the proper exercises for their specific patients. Most exercises are designed to use exercise machines, therapeutic bands, weights, and table exercises. It is important to perform the exercise correctly to target the correct muscle groups for the best outcomes. 

Besides physical therapy, Yoga, and Pilates are also well known to help reduce chronic pain and improve functions. Yoga and Pilates have been used in outpatient physical therapy clinics as it showed positive outcomes. It is important to provide meaningful and effective exercise assisted by physical therapists to have an optimal outcome as well as using a maintenance program for the future to prevent any possible musculoskeletal and neurological issues.

We offer multiple exercise programs including post-surgical recovery exercises such as:

  • Pre/Post-op care
  • Post spinal fusion and discectomy program
  • Post Total knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle arthroplasty program
  • Post ACL repair program
  • Post rotator cuff repair program
  • Post tendons repair program in multiple joints including ankle
  • Core stabilization program
  • Back strengthening program
  • Wellness program

Apex Physical Therapy, LLC offers one-on-one care and each patient will be evaluated by a physical therapist for their first visit. Each patient will have their own specific exercise program and your therapist will update the exercise program as each patient makes progress. Each exercise will be monitored by our clinician and each patient will learn proper ways to perform exercises for their best outcomes and for future maintenance purposes as well. We are confident that everyone will have the best quality of care until they are discharged from physical therapy.

Ruegsegger, G. N., & Booth, F. W. (2018). Health benefits of exercise. Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine8(7), a029694.


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