Return to Work Programs

One of the recent studies suggested that the aging workforce is at a high risk of injury as well as more likely to have a disability throughout their daily lives, and work reduced hours. In 2011, combined work related injuries and illnesses accounted for about $250 billion in the United States. Not only was aging one of the main factors but also mismatching capabilities of employees and job requirements increases risk of work injuries. There is strong evidence that heavy work, lifting, and forceful movements, bending, twisting, whole-body vibration, and static work posture are associated with back injuries. Also, repetition, force, and posture are associated with neck and shoulder injuries as well. Although, further research efforts are still needed to investigate work injuries and prevention of injuries.

Apex physical therapy, LLC has been conducting work related treatments and comprehensive evaluation program such as comprehensive functional capacity evaluation (FCE), and disability FCE since the company was established. Return to work, and prevention of work injuries are key factors for success. Not only will each patient be educated on the ergonomic standard, but also job specific rehabilitation to prevent work injuries and return to work. The lead physical therapist, Sean Lee, DPT, Cert. MDT emphasizes the importance of a proper posture, body mechanics, proper ergonomic for work stations along with job site evaluation which allows modifying their workstations for a quick recovery and prevention of injuries in the future. It is amazing how a few changes at work such as proper ergonomic changes, proper body mechanics, and posture can help reduce pain level quickly and prevent any possible injuries in the future.

According to the research, older workers are more vulnerable to injury at work than younger age workers. It is important to prevent job injuries as much as possible. Unfortunately, workers usually visit outpatient physical therapy clinics when they get injured where a lot of cases could prevent injuries. However, our focus at Apex PT is to educate injured workers, find out how to avoid future injuries, and have them make a full recovery from the injuries so that patients can return to work with their full capacity. We have seen how effective our individualized care is in terms of superb outcomes and full recovery. It is important for clinicians to understand their injuries, and current conditions to have optimum recovery as well as return to work. We have found out that manual therapy, specifically designed strengthening program, and the use of McKenzie method are very effective for a quick recovery and full return to work.

We understand that work-related injuries and illnesses may further lead to adverse personal life and work dissatisfaction based on the evidence in research. Our goal is to help each patient recover fully and enjoy pain free living quality. We believe we can provide the best care possible   and return to work without having to negotiate capabilities at work.

Services we provide:

  • Back to Work Program includes Ergonomic Assessment, Work Conditioning/Hardening program
  • Comprehensive MDT of McKenzie Method
  • Work Specific Rehabilitation
  • Offers On-site Ergonomic Assessment/Recommendation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Offers Wellness Program 


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