Prosthetics Training

It is devastating to lose one or more parts of your limb on your body. Not only it is hard to overcome mentally, but also physically to restore independence afterward. 

Apex physical therapy, LLC is specialized in treating patients with prosthesis. Most patients with loss of their limbs may experience how challenging it is to even move around the house, yard, and community with the fear of falling.

Apex PT staff can help patients with the loss of their limbs get back to the highest independence level including recreational activities such as running, golfing, biking, etc.

We can help patients to restore their highest functional mobility and independence. Especially with our quality one-on-one care policy, we can help patients achieve the highest rehab potential.

Our Training Program can help with the following:

  • Utilized for lower extremity amputees. 
  • This treatment includes stair training, gait training, and strengthening for balance difficulties 
  • Helps the patient return to functional recreational activities such as softball, golf, etc.  


Learn more about the many services we offer including Neck Pain relief, Custom foot orthotics, sciatica pain and much more.


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Apex Pt committed to helping our local NWI community recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact one of our physical therapy clinic near you.