Manual Therapy

There is a lot of evidence of successful rehab outcomes from manual therapy. Manual therapy not only includes soft tissue mobilization but also myofascial release. Fascia is described as the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body. This can also be described as fibrous collagenous tissues which are part of a bodyside tensional force transmission system.

Our highly trained our staff can help patients to restore their function from chronic debilitated conditions and pain. This type of treatment can be combined with therapeutic exercises for optimal results. We can provide safe and highly effective therapy exercises involving hands-on manipulation of connective tissues. It works with the fascial system to enhance movement and functionality in your body. This manual technique will help you reduce chronic pain significantly and restore flexibility. 

Manual Therapy has been utilized for centuries worldwide. The multiple studies show the benefits of manual therapy to reduce pain, improve joint motion, and stiffness. Manual Therapy techniques are applied directly or indirectly to joints, soft tissues, connective tissues, and neurovascular area. As the tissues are targeted, it is a passive, skilled movement applied by practitioners.

Our one-on-one hands-on sessions will allow our clinicians to work on specific targeted area to enhance its dysfunction such as tightness, pain, limited movements, and function. Soft tissue mobilization applies to the tissue blood flow and its extensibility with resulting increase surrounding joint motions and flexibility of the muscles. Also, manual therapy will help increase fluid uptake in the intervertebral disc with joint biased interventions to the spine.

We believe manual therapy is one of the most effective treatment options to decrease in pain of the muscles, and joints. But also, we utilize this manual therapy technique combined with other treatments in terms of fast recovery and optimal outcomes.


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