Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM) has been a more and more popular physical therapy intervention lately for myofascial restrictions, ROM restrictions, Scar tissues remodeling, and pain management. 

IASTM has mixed outcomes by different researches such as Nazarri et al. has 9 qualified studies and they concluded that there is no evidence to support the benefits of IASTM for pain, ROM, or functions of the body which includes upper extremities, lower extremities, and spinal conditions. However, other researchers concluded IASTM may be an effective treatment intervention in terms of reducing pain and improving function.  

Apex PT clinic also utilizes IASTM to reduce tension of the soft and connective tissues, pain, and to improve functions. Based on the evidences, we believe IASTM can be more effective when it is used with different therapeutic interventions such as active stretch exercise, strengthening exercise and therapeutic modalities. It requires one-on-one attention, and its frequent assessment for each patient to achieve optimal result.  

Dr. Hannah Schuster, DPT is a trained IASTM clinician and she often uses this technique along with other interventions for treatment when it is indicated. She likes to use this technique as she has seen such good results at her physical therapy clinic.  

Dr. Hannah Schuster, DPT said “it has shown such mixed evidence for clinical outcomes, I have seen a lot of benefits to our patients. I will continue to use it along with other types of treatments when it is necessary as long as it helps our patients.”  

Apex Physical Therapy, LLC offers individualized one-on-one session for all patients regardless of their insurance. Also, Apex PT offers an affordable cash plan for patients who have financial difficulties and no health insurance.  


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