Chronic Neck and Back pain

At least over 80% of general population experience neck or back pain in their life time. Also, people develop arthritis in their joints and spine due to their jobs, bad habits in posture, injuries, and so many other reasons. Conventional physical therapy may help reduce pain and restore function. But there are so many ways to treat these chronic conditions of arthritis, and pain naturally. One of our goals is to prevent any surgeries if possible. We strongly encourage you to try physical therapy at Apex if you have any issues in your body. Even if you may have failed the successful outcomes in either physical therapy, massage therapy or Chiropractic care in the past. Apex offers individualized care and each therapist develops specific care plan for each patient. All back pain and neck pain affect people differently.


Permanent Result

We have seen numerous patients who have suffered with their pain for many years and are feeling hopeless due to unsuccessful outcomes even after attending numerous treatments. A lot of patients experience changes in pain level day by day. Even if they get treatment, they feel better for a short period of time, then pain returns. Pain may not last too long with past treatment. We are confident that we can help a lot of patients reduce their pain and functionality in their daily lives even if treatment has failed in the past. Apex PT offers not only conventional physical therapy, but also offers joint specific movement related treatment which can result a permanent correction of the joint dysfunction which allows to reduce in pain and inflammation of the affected joint(s). Each patient will learn maintenance exercise program to manage the pain and to prevent recurrence of pain. It is very scientific and evidence-based approaches in physical therapy. 

  Manual Therapy

Also, Apex has many therapists on staff who have been working with manual therapy for many patients. Manual therapy can imply soft and connective tissue manipulation and remodeling process. However, it also implies joint mobilization including the spine. The pain management in physical therapy is one of the strong drives for Apex along with other conditions. You can check manual therapy on our website for further details.

Bulged or Herniated Discs

Many patients in the past have asked us if they have bulging disc or herniated disc in the neck or back, if we can shift it in place. There are specific exercises which allow your body to respond to move in place for those bulged or herniated discs maybe even a short period of time. We have helped patients who were diagnosed for those conditions but we were able to correct the disc deformity as well as restored full function back. 

               Don’t wait until it gets too late

Some of the patients may need to go through the surgical options as they may not benefit from physical therapy. We have seen some cases like that as those patients were waiting too long for the pain to go away. As a result, the conditions could develop beyond physical therapy and the only option is to do surgical intervention. We would like anyone who has suffered from acute or chronic pain to try physical therapy at Apex and see the optimal result. Some mild cases, pain can go away by itself but if it goes beyond, we strongly recommend to see your physician or try physical therapy.


A lot of people think that physical therapy is strictly exercise and manual therapy. Education is one of the essential parts of physical therapy. Apex staff will find the specific exercise for you and educate you for your own specific physical condition. Not every exercise is good for you and will work for you. In fact, some of the exercises can be more harmful than good. Not only will each patient learn about detailed exercises for them but also, they will learn certain body mechanics, things to avoid, and their proper posture to achieve throughout the day. This will allow patients to manage pain throughout their daily life including at the work place.

We offer one on one care in physical therapy and all of our staff are confident that we can help you manage pain, and return to work or activities that you used to enjoy. We are confident that you will experience a significant difference in pain even on the first day of treatment here at Apex physical therapy, LLC.  


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Apex Pt committed to helping our local NWI community recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact one of our physical therapy clinic near you.